Nova Miller strums out a perfect music video for her single ‘Do It To Myself’


Nova_Miller2 / Vendela Hyde / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Nova Miller poses for a photo in 2018. Miller’s new music video for her single “Do It To Myself” fits in perfectly with her established sense of self.

Nova Miller’s name hasn’t been around the musical community much, but it definitely should get around more.

Born into a very musical family, upcoming star Nova Miller was discovered by a British artist, Lolene, at age 12. Since then, Miller has been creating and publishing many songs.

Four years ago, she published her first single, titled “Supernova.” In comparison to that single, Miller has come a long way, both vocally and in regards to her music videos themselves.

Do It To Myself” was released back in late 2019, and, just earlier in January, the artist also released a music video to complement the song.

Miller included clips of herself playing the guitar to showcase her vast musical talents. In addition to being known for her instrumental talents, she is also known for her five-octave vocal range.

The entirety of the music video looked as if it was set in the 1960s, which is very much so Miller’s aesthetic. Her twitter bio even is “the next 1960’s pop star,” and her Instagram feed also gives the same type of vibe. The style and aesthetic that she created for herself adds to her uniqueness and distinctive music videos.

Nowadays, artists make their music videos and their songs in general mainly about things that the mass public would like to see or hear, and not what the artist themself wants to produce. Miller, however, chooses herself who she wants to be and how she wants to present herself.

Very few people have such an organized aesthetic as her, and Miller also manages to work her style into what she likes to do, such as singing and performing.

She has already had a lot of professional singing experience, which is especially amazing, considering she is only 18. Being quite young still lets her get a lot of different life experiences, one of which is dealing with toxicity.

Discovering toxicity is the point of this song, and Miller manages to convey that well through the lyrics that she wrote. Though the message of this song may be negative, Miller does an exceptional job of making it seem more positive with both her tone and the music video she made to match it.

Considering this song is a mix of pop and R&B, it still has a good sense of melody that continues through the entirety of the song. Songs of that combination of genres are typically not the best ones, but this was an exception.

Not only is “Do It To Myself” a classic Nova Miller music video but its ability to cross music genres successfully makes it a perfect music video.

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