Picking the perfect pumpkin is an important aspect of the Halloween holiday for students


Pumpkins at a San Carlos pumpkin patch.

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

Picking out the perfect pumpkin is a necessity for those celebrating Halloween this year in the Bay Area.

In order to do this, pumpkin pickers require the perfect location and a strong sense of their ideal pumpkin.

People participating in pumpkin picking have certain requirements that need to be met, such as size, color, shape, and texture.

“The size of the perfect pumpkin must be medium to large. The shape of the pumpkin must be perfectly round and the stem needs to be large enough to use as a handle,” said Melody Shanahan.

Since Halloween is approaching fast, people are sorting out their pumpkin needs and then picking out their ideal pumpkin patch to procure their perfect pumpkin.

Many people agree to disagree about the perfect location that they favor.

“I don’t have a favorite spot. I only look for a pumpkin that is bright orange and smooth,” said sophomore Lauren Young.

On the other hand, Shanahan said, “I like to go to the local pumpkin patch to save time.”

Pumpkin patches throughout the Bay Area are filled with pumpkins and other forms of entertainment including mazes and bouncy houses, which are enjoyable to pumpkin pickers whether it is foggy or sunny.

People have grown up choosing pumpkins from their favorite pumpkin patch, and they have a goal of replicating that success this year.

“I really enjoy travelling to Half Moon Bay to go to the large pumpkin patches because they have a wide variety of pumpkins,” said senior Charlotte Jackman.

With Halloween coming soon, students are preparing spooky and creative carvings with their pumpkin picks.

Students at Carlmont High School have started to revel in the Halloween holiday spirit, which is initially expressed by picking the perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkins at a San Carlos pumpkin patch.
Pumpkins at a San Carlos pumpkin patch.