Positivity 101 Club strengthens mindsets


Elena Chawla

Girls decorate jars with positive messages in them in order to promote a positive atmosphere.

Members of the Positivity 101 Club enjoy making creative arts and crafts, helping them cope with the vast amount of school-induced stress in their lives.   

A small group of girls in the Positivity 101 Club gathered for an enjoyable lunch with their friends while decorating glass jars. The girls wrote inspiring messages on small pieces of paper that they folded and placed into their jar. These inspiring messages helped these girls maintain a positive mindset in some stressful situations. 

“I think it’s going to be a really good experience to have a positivity club because a lot of people are stressed, and they have a lot of other things going on in their lives,” said Mia Carlson, a sophomore and member of the club.

Although this club mainly surrounds positivity, members can take what they learned about dealing with stress and apply it to everyday life. Making new friends and bonding with them is just one thing the members take away from this club. 

“It’ll help with staying calm and avoiding stress.””

— Bella Villanueva

Friendship bracelets and jar decorating are just the beginning of the fun arts and crafts that this club provides.

“The activities help you take your mind off of the stress,” said Angelina Leopardo, a sophomore and member of the club. 

The club meets every other Tuesday and everyone taking part in the club is always excited to attend the meetings. During every meeting, new activities are brought to the club to help members change their perspective of things. By creating an atmosphere full of great attitudes and optimism, the club members’ mindsets will become more positive. 

“I think our meeting times are pretty good right now. I’m normally really busy, so this is a nice time to relax and hang out every other week,” Carlson said. 

Not only does positivity improve people’s ability to deal with stress, but it also helps them focus more on the solution and less on the problem at hand. Also, positivity helps better one’s attitude, creativity, and hard work.

“Sharing positivity you experience with others, like the small things, really help,” said Bella Villanueva, a freshman and a member of the club.