Prom proposal competition excites students


Alyn Seymour

The Carlmont Promposal Competition on Facebook lets students show their creative proposals and possibly win a prize.

Alyn Seymour, Staff Writer

Prom season has had a large effect on the Carlmont community.

Prom will take place on April 28 and students are preparing by getting their formal wear and asking for a date.

The Carlmont Promposal Competition Facebook group was created for upperclassmen who are asking someone or getting asked to prom.

According to the Facebook group, the competition rules are, “First, post a video or a picture with a description, and second, win the support of your underclassmen.” All submissions must be in by April 26 before midnight.

Judging will be based on the proposal’s creativity, not just the amount of likes the post receives. The first place couple will receive two free tickets or reimbursements and the second place couple will receive a free picture package at the dance.

“I think the competition is a fun idea,” said Isabel Mayoss, a junior. “I love seeing proposals and seeing my friends get surprised. I think it makes students more excited for prom.”

Some students that got added to the group had mixed feelings about putting prom proposals on Facebook for everyone to see.

“I think that an unnecessary amount of stress is put on people when it’s a competition,” said Emma Armstrong, a junior. “I feel like people might be pressured not only to ask someone but to make their proposal amazing. Of course, this is a good idea, and I’m not denying that, but it might make some people uncomfortable.”

Other students have seen the group but decided not to put their proposal on the page.

“I don’t think that I would post in the group, even if I got asked,” said Georgia Van Amsterdam, a junior. “I think part of it has more to do with showing who’s going with who. Other than that, it’s cool seeing people’s fun ideas and the cute proposals.”

Regardless of what comes with it, the group was created for those who want to win a prize based on their fun, creative idea.

“I think people should look past all the pressures of asking a date to the prom,” said Mayoss. “Going with friends is fine, and if you do ask someone, don’t stress about making your proposal award-winning quality. It’s just for fun.”