Rallies to protect education: Is California in a State of Emergency?

Rallies to protect education: Is California in a State of Emergency?

In recent years, the state of California has been deeply affected by the fearsome economy leaving lawmakers struggling to save money. For three straight years, California lawmakers have been stripping down the state’s education budget to save other programs, but they’re leaving education practically bankrupt.

Because lawmakers have cut more than $20 billion out of education, schools are left with very limited options including: cutting jobs of teachers, administrators, and staff; removing school libraries and performing arts; and boosting class sizes. Some schools are left with no other choice but to close.

Carlmont High School luckily hasn’t reached the point where it needs to close, but Carlmont administrators have spent numerous hours struggling to figure out how to save programs that are at risk of being cut next school year.

This coming Friday, May 13, from 7:30-8:00AM, Carlmont staff and administrators will be demonstrating along Alameda de las Pulgas to send a message to lawmakers in Sacramento. Across the state, schools are demonstrating by rallying outside the state capital, protesting in public areas, sending letters to legislatures, and asking for residents’ support to encourage lawmakers to stop reducing the state’s education budget.

According to fliers distributed by teachers, Carlmont will make the following changes for next school year: raise the class size limit to more than 40 students, no support staff for teachers and students, one less Vice Principal, one less counselor, over $250,000 in cuts and more cuts will be made if necessary.

Everyone, including students, can help by attending Friday’s rally, call and email lawmakers and by donating to the Carlmont Academic Foundation by visiting http://carlmont.seq.org/donate. Visit http://www.castateofemergency.com/ for other local rallies across the state.

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