Belmont library to host Glee Trivia

Since 2009, Glee has been gaining fans and is easily one of the most popular television shows for teenagers, especially at Carlmont. The first season alone averaged 9.77 million viewers and continues to grow for the second season.

Due to the show’s huge following, the Belmont Library will host a Glee themed Jeopardy event for all teens on Wednesday, Jan. 26 from 3:30 PM – 5 PM.

Not only will Carlmont students have the chance to prove their knowledge about Glee and have fun with their fellow Gleek friends, but they will be competing against other teams as well. The team that answers the most trivia questions correctly will win a fun prize and have the honor of calling themselves true Gleeks.

The game will be divided into four categories: Season one, Season two, Music, and Hello Random.

“Most of the questions do not relate to the obvious plots in the show,” replied Dolly Goyal, the Teen Services Librarian, “hopefully they’ll be a bit more challenging, but true fans will be able to answer them.”

Brush up on facts and prepare for the mock Jeopardy event by watching Glee every Tuesday at 8:00 PM on Fox channel.