Reach Out club focuses on including students


Izzy Mitchell

Reach Out club members hang out at school for a club activity. “My favorite part of the club is getting to hear how everyone’s day has been and getting to know the people there in general,” said Nicole Turk, a junior in Reach Out club.

Marina Ferme, Staff Writer

Reach Out club encourages students to put themselves out of their comfort zones and get in more social environments by having a safe, fun space to go to.

The club holds meetings every first and third Friday of the month, where they have lunch and play fun easy games that are created by the Reach Out Commission in ASB.

“The purpose of Reach Out club is to provide a safe environment for any student on campus during lunch,” said Nicole Turk, a junior in the club.

During club meetings, members eat lunch and talk about their days while playing games like charades and hangman.

“We are mainly planning on continuing our club meetings and eventually including more outwardly social events. Until now and then, we hope to gain some more members and meet some new faces that are interested,” said Darian Dennler, the senior club president.

The club wants to reach out to more students. At the moment, around 15 to 25 students attend the meetings and they are hoping to bring in more students to the Reach Out meetings during and after school.

“We use the meetings to publicize for the Reach Out hangouts that happened after school to get more students to come to our meetings,” said Turk.

Reach Out club members want to build new relationships with people they wouldn’t usually have a chance to socialize with.

“My favorite part is getting to meet people from all different communities on campus; I really want to make new friends this year,” said Isabella Mattioli, a member of Reach Out club.

The club’s goal is to encourage members of the student body to be a part of their discussions and feel included. 

“Inclusivity means everything to our club. We focus on the advocation for including anyone and everyone who is interested in attending our club meetings,” said Dennler.

The club’s goal is to allow students who come in to feel welcome in any activity and conversations they have during lunch and after school on Fridays.

“We want to spend time and socialize with students who would not normally eat lunch in a social environment. The meetings are meant to give students a comfortable setting to socialize in,” said Dennler.

Reach Out club meets every first and third Friday of the month in T13.