Residents await completion of Ralston Avenue construction


Vincent Wai

The right lane on Ralston Avenue is closed due to the pipeline construction.

Vincent Wai, Staff Writer

2017 was a greatly anticipated year for construction throughout Belmont with new sewer and gas pipes that have been replaced.

“I want Belmont to have the safest gas pipelines possible. We’re very hopeful the work will be finished soon and that PG&E can replace Ralston as required before the weather turns,” said Mayor Charles Stone. 

This project is operated by the Pacific Energy and Gas Company, where they will be replacing and upgrading 3,700 linear feet of gas pipeline. This process also includes manhole rehabilitation and sewer lateral reconnections.

However, the progress of this construction is behind schedule. With increased traffic and bumpy, unpaved roads, residents are anxious over the completion of this project.

“I think that when the construction crew gives you a time frame to complete work, it should be done in that amount of time. For example, the construction on Ralston was supposed to be done by the end of September, and now being near the end of October, they have exceeded the allotted time for the work to be done. The right lane on Ralston is only patched so hopefully, they will resurface the whole lane to make it less bumpy,” said Jamie Trieweiler, a resident living on a heavily worked-on street. 

With the construction almost two months overdue, anticipation of the completion rises. Starting in late May, the project was expected to finish over the summer, before the school year begins.

“Projects that affect traffic on Ralston are tricky.  Not only is Ralston our only main arterial, but it serves several schools,” said Mayor Charles Stone

Ralston Avenue is only a two-lane street, yet it is temporarily reduced to a single lane due to construction. Not only does the construction affect parents and adults who commute in the morning, but it also affects some students and their mode of transportation.

“Every morning I walk to school for two reasons. First, I live decently close to Carlmont and it’s not too long of a walk. Second, it would take longer to drive than to walk because of the constant construction on my street and Ralston,” said Ashley Trieweiler, a junior.

When the right lane on Ralston Avenue is closed, the traffic must either avoid the detour or find another route to their location. Another alternative, shown by Trieweiler, is to simply skip all the traffic and walk.

Although traffic in the morning is generally bad, with parents driving their kids to school, and getting to work, the construction of Ralston is just another factor added to already busy mornings.