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Review: ‘The Menu’ has mouths watering

‘The Menu’ / The Movie Database / Fair Use
‘The Menu’ by Mark Mylod released on Nov. 18th, 2022 and can currently be watched on HBOMax.

Released late last year, “The Menu” has quickly grown popular for its wicked sense of humor and thrilling plot twists. The film contains a variety of dishes, each with its own purpose within the narrative. Without further ado, here are the top five dishes from the film, ranked based on their purpose in the story and how delicious they look. 

Number Five: Breadless Bread Plate

It would be a crime to make a list that doesn’t include this symbolic platter. This is the second course shown during the film, and it makes a strong impression due to the lack of bread, symbolic of the fact that bread is the food of the “common man.” Because all but one of the guests at the restaurant are wealthy members of the upper class, it’s the perfect way to comment on their privilege. 

Even without the bread, the accompaniments are still appealing to the eye and worthy of trying. 

Number Four: Chicken Tacos with Scissors in it 

A regular Tuesday night gone horribly wrong: that’s what this course is all about. As introduced by Chef Slowik, this course is tied to a memory from his childhood, when he defended his mother from his father by stabbing him in the thigh with scissors. During this course, we also learn more about the dinner guests and their wrongdoings, ranging from an affair to a food critic causing dozens of restaurants to close, all presented on tortillas. With its creative presentation, it’s hard not to love this dish. 

Number Three: Man’s Folly

Unlike the previous courses shown throughout the movie, this dish is introduced by Slowik’s sous chef Katherine, who recalls her experiences with Slowik and his less-than-desirable advancements towards her, which led him to ignore her for eight months. Also, unlike previous courses, this course is offered exclusively to the women, as the men are all given the option to escape the island, which they all try and fail to do. 

The course itself consists of crab, yogurt whey, dried sea lettuce, umeboshi, a brined ume fruit, and kelp, which we only hear about from the women eating the meal; we don’t get a view of the meal itself, serving to emphasize that this was an exclusive course, hence why it is this high on the list.

Number Two: S’mores

It is difficult to top the previous course, but a final course that goes up in flames at the end is certainly one way to beat a folly. The dessert course is not appetizing in the least, consisting of the dinner guests, the staff, and the restaurant itself. That being said, its dramatic staging and the shock it brings the audience at the film’s end make it worthy of note. 

Number One: The Cheeseburger

This cheeseburger has no right to look as mouth-watering as it does; from how the cheese melts to how juicy the meat is, it was the perfect thing for the main character, Margot, to order before being able to leave. Not only that, but it is the only time Chef Slowik seems to enjoy the food he’s cooking, which is essential because, throughout the film, it’s clear to the audience that he lacks passion for something he once cherished. By making this at Margot’s request and allowing her to leave, he can die loving his craft once more. 

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Sophia 'Gummy' Sunbury, Staff Writer
Sophia Sunbury (prefers going by Gummy online) is a junior at Carlmont High School and is in her second year of journalism. She enjoys drawing, video games, and listening to music. She can most likely be found covering pop-culture-related topics or any news that happens to capture her attention. Twitter: @sunbury_news Instagram: n30_bl0ssum

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Review: ‘The Menu’ has mouths watering