Season Two of ‘Riverdale’ becomes a soap opera


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CW includes all of the main characters of their hit show, “Riverdale,” sitting in the diner.

Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer

The first season of “Riverdale” on CW television network was a teen drama full of twists and turns that kept us all watching episode after episode, but Season Two is almost a completely different story.

The show turned the beloved “Archie Comics” series from the 1940s into a dark teen drama involving gangs, drugs, and family rivalries.

Season Two has become a murder mystery involving a murderer, “Black Hood,” who has murdered a teacher that used to work at Riverdale High and has shot Archie’s father, Fred Andrews. The teens of Riverdale get involved in the investigation in order to find out the identity of the “Black Hood” since Riverdale’s town sheriff, Sheriff Keller, seems to be failing to do so.

The first season had new drama happening every week a new episode came out, but this season seems to drag this murder mystery on and on, making this season as boring as a soap opera.

The main students of Riverdale High, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper,  and Veronica Lodge, tend to become more irritating with each episode as they seem to be oblivious to the severity of situations, believing that they can fix anything, even something like a murder.

This can possibly influence premature teens and make them also believe that they have the power to change important situations and should get involved, when ultimately it is just senseless.

The drama that the teens create also seems like middle school drama involving boyfriends and hatred among cliques, causing the show to seem dull with a lack of creativity. The producers try to make the show not fit this stereotype by including gangs and drugs to the mix, but this doesn’t work.

Overall, people are done with murder mysteries and cheesy teen drama. They want something that is going to keep them on the edge of their seats like Season One did.

Don’t get me wrong — “Riverdale” is a fun show to watch every week as it sucks you into the drama and makes you interested in all of the characters. The show is also extremely visually appealing with the assortment of colors and the 1940s design inspiration in each episode.

It just lacks a decent storyline.

[star rating=”3.5″]