Saint Francis knocks down Carlmont in 45-36 victory


Isabella Wesson

The Lancers and Scots watch the ball, waiting for a chance to steal it.

Carlmont girls JV basketball suffered their first loss of the season against Saint Francis High School on Dec. 4.

The match was one of three in the Mountain View tournament, in which the girls are set to play two other schools that have yet to be announced. With this being only their second game of the season, the Scots are still working to become a cohesive unit and plan to learn from their mistakes.

Despite their loss, Carlmont’s defense was still solid against the aggressive Lancers. Their teamwork and their ability to call plays early prevented many potential shots from Saint Francis. 

Although the Lancers were up 19-13 in the first quarter, the Scots still held their head high and fought on.

“We did really, really good on defense, although I think we got a little shaken on offense because Saint Francis was able to trap in a lot of pressure on the ball, so we weren’t able to move as well as we have in the past,” said Ann Sbardellati, the assistant coach for Carlmont.

In the second quarter, they were able to catch up to the Lancers and keep the score close. The hopeful Scots cheered for their players on the court alongside the spectators in the stands.

Isabella Wesson
The Scots meet for a timeout in the third set.

“I thought the team was really good with spirit. Everyone stayed cheering for each other. They were really focused in the beginning, and they started off [the game] really well,” Sbardellati said.

Throughout the third quarter, the Lancers stayed consistently ahead. After noticing Carlmont’s weakened spirits, Sbardellati called a timeout. Once they returned to the court, however, the team had newfound energy and brought the Lancers’ lead down from 29-19 to 29-25. 

For last quarter, the Scots played harder, hoping to catch the Lancers off guard. But due to a few bad passes, the game ultimately ended with a score of 45-36, handing the win to Saint Francis.

“We played alright, but I feel like we could’ve cleaned up on the finishes,” said Brynn Toomasson, the shooting guard for the Scots.

The Lancers, on the other hand, were pleased with their performance. 

“I thought we played really well. We were moving the ball, and we had a lot of energy. I didn’t know how the game would pan out because we have never played or seen Carlmont play, but I’m glad we won,” said Milla Berenguer, the point guard for Saint Francis.

This game will serve as a learning opportunity for the Scots, allowing for improvement in their second tournament game on Dec. 5 at Mountain View High School. For upcoming games and sports information, see Carlmont’s athletic website.