San Carlos holiday festivities light up the night


Audrey Boyce

Crowds of people stand to watch the performance under fake snow generated by a bubble machine.

Audrey Boyce, Scot Scoop Editor

The holidays have arrived, and many people have begun to hang up their lights in anticipation for Christmas. That includes the City of San Carlos.

On Nov. 30, the City of San Carlos kicked off the holiday season with music, activities, food, and lights.

The event was organized and funded by the San Carlos Parks and Recreation Department.

“It’s a great event; it seems like it definitely brings the community together and gets everyone in the Christmas spirit right before December,” said Fred Rogers, a member of the San Carlos Fire Department whose name has been changed at their request.

The event was an opportunity for businesses to come out and interact with their community.

“I usually am here selling my books, so I love to meet people and talk to them about what I do,” Melissa Parker said.

Parker and others enjoyed being able to bond with their community.

“We’d like to be part of the community whenever possible, and it’s an event for us to meet the community members and for them to see us in action and not just on emergency events,” Rogers said.


One of the attractions the event offered was snow for the kids from a local ice rink.

“It was cool for young kids to experience snow without having to drive a long ways which is painful for both parents and kids,” said Emma Klebaner, a sophomore at Woodside High School.

Although the event was geared more towards children, high school students also took this opportunity to volunteer in their community.

“It has been really fun. I love helping the little kids, and it makes me really happy that I get to see them smile when they are making a craft,” said Kristen Carpio, a sophomore at Notre Dame High School who was stationed at a booth.

The event has been happening for nearly a decade. A longtime business owner on Laurel Street has witnessed it happening year after year.

“I don’t think that the event has changed over the years at all,” said Yung, who works at Plantation on Laurel street and wished to not have his last name disclosed.

Yung hopes that the event will always be a tradition in San Carlos for years to come.

“[I want this event to continue] for the kids,” Yung said.