San Mateo County hosts a photography contest

Students in the Silicon Valley, Bay Area can enter photography contest for a prize.


Akiko Balitactac takes her photo for the San Mateo County photography contest

Kaitlyn Gates, Staff Writer

The San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau just announced the opening of the 2017 Play by the Bay Photography Contest. The contest is open to all students in San Mateo County.

“Photography is a way to express yourself and is a fun way to save moments in a picture form,” said sophomore Akiko Balitactac.

Students must enter photographs that portray the Bay Area in a way that means something to them. Multiple entries are accepted.

Balitactac said, “For this contest, I’m planning to take pictures of landscapes, especially beaches. I also have an abstract photo that I edited of Sutra Baths in San Francisco that my teacher wants me to submit.”

Over 30 students at Carlmont are planning on entering the contest.

“I was interested because the prizes are really cool, and even if you’re only a finalist, you could get featured in a photography book,” said Kristine Chan, a sophomore at Carlmont.

There is a grand prize of $350, first place receives $250, second place receives $100, and third place will earn $50.

“I decided to enter because I thought this was a good opportunity to earn some money,” said Balitactac.

Anybody can enter this contest, from students in AP photography to someone who just started taking pictures this year.

Cynthia Hodges, the photography teacher at Carlmont, said that contests are a good way to learn and grow in one’s photography skills, no matter how advanced one may be.

“Once a student looks at the images of past winners or current entries, they become inspired to think more creatively about their own work,” said Hodges.

Whether someone is a beginner or advanced, entering in contests such as this one has many benefits.

Hodges said, “It is definitely worth the time if you are a serious artist because it can lead to other venues or contests through word of mouth.”

All of the photographs must be submitted by Friday, May 19.