San Mateo County’s unemployment rate becomes second lowest in California


The San Mateo County History Museum

Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

San Mateo County unemployment rates dropped to 5.1 percent, the second lowest in all of California.

State data of unemployment rates released on Nov. 22 showed that unemployment rates have been dropping throughout the Bay Area. San Mateo County ranks second under Marin County in terms of lowest unemployment rates in California. California’s unemployment rate currently rests at 8.7 percent, opposed to the original 8.9 percent in Aug.

The San Mateo County History Museum
The San Mateo County History Museum

“I’m glad that the unemployment rate is getting lower because it can help lots of people,” said sophomore Matthew Haddad.

Getting back to work can mean an end to financial struggles for some Bay Area citizens. Paychecks can help newly employed workers pay daily bills and expenses that they otherwise would have struggled to pay when they were unemployed.

“I think it is good that the unemployment rates are dropping, it can mean that the businesses around here are successful if they can provide lots of jobs,” said freshman Ethan Shiozaki.

Businesses that are successful often have enough resources to employ more people to work. Businesses can benefit from hiring more employees because more workers mean they can conduct business more quickly and efficiently.

“Unemployment drops can mean the economy is getting better,” said sophomore Sam Triest.

A greater demand of goods and services can result in new jobs causing the unemployment rate to do down. More working people means larger and faster exports to generate revenue for companies. A lower unemployment rate reflects a healing economy because more workers are desired in order to meet the demands of the public.

The unemployment rate decreasing can signal hope for the recovery of the economy and one must continue to hope that the Bay Area will feel positive effects from it.

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