Scots enter season with high expectations, new players


Jonny Pappas

Coach Stambaugh gives his team a pep talk before practice.

Jonny Pappas, Staff Writer

The Scots are looking to build a dominant team that is poised and ready to make a deep run in CCS playoffs.

This year, Scots have the biggest expectations for their prized varsity soccer team that they have had in a long time. After an early round loss last year in the CCS playoff bracket, this year’s team have much larger dreams this time around.

“We’ve been to CCS semi-finals twice in my ten years here, I’d like to see the finals,” said coach Will Stambaugh.

The team’s 8-7-2 record last year was hard enough to achieve with all the experienced seniors they had, and now after losing them, the team doesn’t seem to mind. Many leaders are already starting to emerge, but the team is committed to unity.

“Everyone is going to step up and be a leader on the field, I think we are all going to help each other out,” said senior defenseman Jack Mclean. “We have a lot of heart on the team, and everyone is committed one hundred percent.”

Mclean controls the defense but to win the Scots will need a strong offense. That task has been partially given to senior Dro Avetian.

“I think we lost a lot of good seniors, but I see a lot of new potentials with these sophomores and juniors,” said Avetian

The loss of those seniors seems to have no effect on the expectations or the future play of the Scots.

“It gives our incoming seniors a chance to be seniors, and they want it. They want to be seniors, and they want to run the side,” said Stambaugh.

The person with the brightest prediction for the team would be senior midfielder Austin Lopacinski thinks that the team won’t be affected at all.

“Compared to last year I believe we are gonna do very well considering that we only lost very few minor players… But we are gaining very good players like our juniors.,” said Lopacinski.

Fans are going to have to wait and see how the team performs this season, but if confidence is any indicator, then we should be in for a great season.