Scots gain victory over Vikings


The Carlmont Scots pulled together as a team to destroy the Mills Vikings in their second to last home game of the regular season, finishing the game with a final score of 41-0.

Throughout the game, the Scots demonstrated their cooperation and strength as a whole team. In the first offensive play just one minute into the game, wide receiver and safety Blake O’Connors scored a touchdown.

The first quarter was also followed by three other touchdown, one each by Bruno Abinader, Jake Kumamoto, and Jack Stewart, marking the conclusion of the quarter 27-0.

Kumamoto showed his talents as running back during the second quarter as he broke four tackles from the defensive Vikings to advance the Scots to their first down. Directly following, was another touchdown by Kumamoto, putting the Scots up 34-0.

The third quarter of the game tested the Scots when starting quarterback Salvador Rico (Chava) acquired an injury that forced him to sit out the rest of the game.

Backup quarterback Drew Wyman was also unable to play due to an contusion injury to his knee from Carlmont’s game against Kings Academy two weeks ago.

As a result of both quarterbacks not being able to play, starting outside linebacker Shanil Patel stepped up to fill in the much needed spot.

Patel rallied through the pressure to play an effective quarterback and led his team. “I was nervous at first [playing quarter back] because I’ve only had two practices but we pulled through and got the win,” said Patel.

Drew Wyman said, “I am sad that I couldn’t play and might be out for the rest of the season because of my knee but Shanil [Patel] did great.”

After a complete pass from fill-in quarterback Patel, Kumamoto made the last touchdown of the game in the third quarter, score ending in 41-0.

During the fourth quarter, the Scots played great defense and held the Vikings. Reciever and line backer Abinader intercepted two passes from the Viking, resulting in turnovers for the Scots. The fourth quarter ended with a score of 41-0.

“I was really pumped at the end of the game so catching that last interception [with one second left] was awesome especially since I haven’t been able to play the whole season,” said Abinader.

The chemistry of the JV team is apparent and is evident in their abitility to work together as not only a team but also a family.

“We are all friends and have that chemistry now, which allows us to play as a family and our wins show that it work,” said Patel.

Adding to the effectiveness of the team, Head Coach Gianurio said,”This team is great. They are easy to coach because they want to win and work hard to achieve that. Although we lost some players [to varsity] the team really stepped up. We have a lot of great leaders.”

The Scots will be playing against their rival Sequioa next week for their last home game on Friday, Nov. 15. The team has a current league standing of first place and plan to keep their rank against Sequioa.