Scots lay down their all in Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament


Ashley Huang

Matthew Bowker, a senior, passes the time by playing Yu-Gi-Oh! while waiting for the Carlmont performing arts center to open.

Ashley Huang, Staff Writer

The Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament is taking place in the ASB room during lunch from March 6 to March 12.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a collectible trading card game (TCG) launched by a Japanese company, Konami, in 1998. In 2009, it was reported that over 22 billion cards were sold worldwide.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! has grown in popularity over the years, resulting in competitive tournaments that take place worldwide every year.

The card game is based on a manga series with the same title in which players use cards to duel each other with fantasy monsters depicted on the cards.

The tournament is one-on-one based and double elimination. Each win is constituted by winning two of three matches against an opponent.

Sophomore Class Vice President Kyle Dimick said, “The goal of the tournament is to involve people who generally never get involved in other ASB activities. I think it’s really important to make Carlmont feel like home and in ASB we have a large part in making that a reality. These tournaments are something for everyone to play, just like they would with their friends on the weekends.”

Generally, coordinators can expect a good student turnout.

“In these types of tournaments, we get anywhere from 10-50 people depending on how popular the game is,” Dimick said.

ASB President and senior Liam Jocson, coordinator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, looks forward to this year’s competition.

“I was inspired to start this tournament because Yu-Gi-Oh! was an integral part of my childhood and the card game is actually quite strategic and complex. It’s a great game to stimulate your mind and use cards to defeat your friends and opponents,” said Jocson.

In a similar way, many students are thankful for the variety of events ASB hosts throughout the year.

Kyle Ng, a junior, said, “People find Yu-Gi-Oh! appealing because it makes them think of different strategies to defeat their opponents and it gives people something to collect. I think it’s great that ASB is reaching out to different demographics because it makes everyone feel included in the school.”