Scots play their hearts out against Ravens in season finale


Elizabeth Cruz

Sequoia players attempt to take the ball from sophomore Sean Chopoff as other Carlmont players assist him.

As the sun set over the Terremere Field at Sequoia High School on Nov. 4, it also set over this year’s football season.

In Carlmont JV football’s final game of the season, the Scots lost to the Ravens 29-22 after Sequoia unexpectedly scored a last-minute touchdown.

Going into the rivalry game, the Scots were 6-2-1, and the Ravens were 7-2. It was the sophomores’ final JV game, and both teams were hoping for success. 

After a slow start, running back Christian Booth helped the Scots score a touchdown during the first quarter, but they missed the extra point try, ending the first quarter with a 6-0 lead.

The Ravens were on offense for most of the second quarter and scored a touchdown with 50 seconds left. They then successfully performed the extra point try, bringing the score to 7-6 at halftime.

During the third quarter, Carlmont defensive back Akshay Prasad intercepted the ball, resulting in a turnover. Sophomore Brian Sagon Jr scored a touchdown, and the Scots completed a two-point conversion to put them back in the lead at 14-7.

Our team was a little slow to pick things up. Once we got the ball moving, it just picked up from there. And we just carried that momentum with us.”

— Charlie Wescott

“Our team was a little slow to pick things up. Once we got the ball moving, it just picked up from there. And we just carried that momentum with us,” said Carlmont right tackle Charlie Wescott.

The momentum from Sagon’s touchdown quickly earned another touchdown for the Scots. Defensive end Sean Chopoff forced a fumble, and middle linebacker Keoki Firenze recovered the ball to swiftly score a second touchdown. The team converted another 2-point conversion, strengthening the Scots’ lead to 22-7 at the end of the third quarter.

All of Carlmont’s success was without some of their best players. Booth sat out due to leg cramps, and Sagon got injured after being tackled. Leading player Daniel Mattioli also repeatedly went in and out of the game because of strained muscles, troubling the Scots.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Carlmont started on offense until committing a turnover, which Sequoia used to score a touchdown. After scoring, they went for a 2-point conversion, bringing the score to 22-15.

Back on offense, Carlmont punted but their defense could not hold up, causing the Ravens to make it to the 2-yard line before scoring another touchdown. With the score now 22-21, the defensive line pulled through and successfully blocked Sequoia’s attempt at another 2-point conversion.

With the Ravens not too far behind, the Scots wanted to develop a bigger lead. Carlmont forced another fumble and scored a touchdown, but was called back as an incomplete pass, leading to another turnover.

This quick turn of events allowed Sequoia to complete a touchdown and a 2-point conversion with less than 30 seconds left on the clock, creating the final score of 29-22. The Scots tried their hardest to retaliate and got the ball to upback Mattioli, but ran out the clock due to the Ravens’ defense holding him back. 

The result of this game was upsetting for the Scots, who ended up 6-3-1 this season.

“Obviously being that close to winning and then blowing a game this big at the end of the season sucks. And you kind of realize that you got two more years, and this is just JV football. We’ll see these guys over and over again for the next two years,” Firenze said.

The Ravens, on the other hand, celebrated a successful game and season, ending 8-2. 

“The Scots were a tough opponent. They gave us a good fight,” said Sequoia running back Marco Baisch.

Even though the results were disappointing for Carlmont, the team improved this season and was successful overall. Last season, the Scots’ win rate was 50%, but it rose to 65% this year.

Coach Josh Hunter, the defensive coordinator, encouraged any prospective players to come to room D20 to chat about joining the football team in any upcoming seasons. He also saw this game as an opportunity to learn and improve for next season.

“I’m proud of each and every single one of those kids. I know that they did the best job to their ability,” Hunter said.