Scots prep for upcoming soccer season


Ari Ravi

Jamie Trierweiler shows the soccer girls how to safely squat the bar.

With soccer season quickly approaching, Carlmont girl soccer players slowly start turning their focus away from workouts and towards tryouts.

After-school workouts started over a month to keep the Scots in shape for tryouts, which begin on Nov. 4. The girls show their dedication and love for the game by attending these optional sessions.

The Scots are excited for a new season after enduring many grueling workouts that have truly challenged them.

Allison Uozumi, a junior, said, “Due to these workouts, I feel extremely prepared for the new season. I am striving to do the best I can possibly do. I’m really excited to play with different people, and hopefully, we perform well.”

The workouts that the girls have been doing consist of squats, medicine-ball throws, free weights, and lunges. The girls also utilize the cardio machines in the weight room. These workouts are specifically designed to help the girls build up strength in their legs and tone their muscles.

Ari Ravi
Allison Uzoumi squats the deadlift bar during workouts.

Trainer Jamie Trierweiler voiced her pleasure over the results her girls have displayed over the last few weeks.

Trierweiler said, “I expect the teams this year to go very far. I think that the girls that have been coming in consistently have definitely gotten stronger. That will then help them on the field when they’re going against two girls that might be bigger than them.”

This year will be different for both the JV and varsity teams. Many of the returning juniors from last year’s JV team will compete for varsity spots. At the same time, many sophomores will have to step up and serve as leaders and role models for incoming freshmen.

Ava Bozic, a sophomore, said, “I am very excited for the new soccer season. I have been training and putting a lot of work in during the off-season. The conditioning we’ve been doing after school has really helped as well. I’m ready to take a bigger role with my team.

Girls soccer tryouts will begin on Nov. 4 at Carlmont High School.

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