Scots shootout ends with Vikings victory


Isa Khalak

Senior Brady Greene drives to the basket with hopes of scoring.

Carlmont’s boys varsity basketball team lost a tough battle to the Lynbrook Vikings with a whopping score of 68-59. This dynamic game featured a lot of offense, each team combined for 127 points, which equates to roughly a point every 15 seconds.

The game was never had a dull moment and both teams had opportunities to win. Carlmont led early, but the Vikings clawed back. The game was tied 30-30 moments before the end of the first half. However, as the clock winded down, the Vikings scored a buzzer-beating 3-point shot.

Lynbrook had the lead going into the second half and would not give it back. Throughout the third quarter, Carlmont met Lynbrook pound for pound. The score was 42-41, Vikings, going into the fourth quarter. With the game at a tipping point, something had to break.

We’re going to continue to get better and we’re going to succeed. It’s part of the eternal optimism that I have.”

— Ron Ozorio

The Viking’s ferocity put them ahead by several scores towards the end of the game, and at one point they were even up by double digits. As time wound down, the Scots found themselves putting together a last-minute push as they fought against the clock. They clawed their way back up until they were only trailing by 4 points. However, with mere seconds left on the clock, the Scots knew the Vikings were going to hand them their second loss of the season.

“We didn’t show as much heart as we could have,” said senior Tripp Garish. “I know we have more to show [and] we have more fight.”

Although Carlmont lost, both teams have something to celebrate. The Scots’ high-powered offense gives hope that they can be a dominant team in their next few games. This game was just the beginning of a long season. Carlmont has much to prove and time to show what they’re made of.

“We’re gonna keep working at it,” said Coach Ron Ozorio. “It’s game two of the season, and we’re playing 24 games.”

Carlmont has a long way to go until wins start coming. This game also exposed some of the Scots weaknesses. After this, the Scots will have a more clear view of what to focus on.

“We need to play together as a team and build up our chemistry,” said junior Nate Wong.

Their potential shined throughout the game. There were times where Carlmont’s offense worked perfectly, cutting daggers into the Viking’s game plan. If the Scots can patch up some deficits and continue to grow, they can become unstoppable.

“If we combine our scoring with better defense, we should be blowing teams out by 20,” Garrish said.

This early in the season, the Scots level of success is unclear, but Ozorio has his sights set high.

“We haven’t won the PAL championship in a while,” Ozorio said. “That’s what we’re hoping to do right now.”