Scots shut down by Falcons


Dylan Crockwell

Carlmont player Addie Mann defends against Ellie Raffo.

Despite their efforts, the Scots met their match in a 22-3 brutal beatdown, leaving the Scotts Valley High School Falcons happily victorious over their impressive hard work and vigor. Both coaches, once rivals themselves, were grateful for the opportunity to compete with their own teams as the season comes to a close.

“I thought the game was a good learning tool for us to improve on for next year. I think we were a little bit tired today. We saw some things we aren’t used to seeing in our league, and that took some adjustments for them. But I think they did okay when we had our ball on our side of the field,” Carlmont Varsity Head Coach Wendy Lyn said.

Carlmont called multiple timeouts throughout the game and experimented with many different strategies to see if they could combat the Falcons’ offense. Despite these efforts, The Falcons stayed ahead for the game’s entirety.

“It was a lot of fun. Coach Wendy Lyn and I actually played against each other in college, and so that was a lot of fun. We coached together at one of your club teams, so I know a couple of Carlmonts players. I thought both teams played really well,” Scotts Valley Varsity Head Coach Coleen Niklaus said.

Overall morale and spirits were noticeably high for the Falcons all game. They exchanged friendly conversation and stayed positive as soon as they pulled ahead. Their offense was especially strong, as the ball was kept where they wanted most of the game.

Carlmont spent a lot of the game trying to develop different angles to win from. They used their timeouts to strategize and then changed up their play.

“I thought that they had a very strong attack. A few players are very skilled with their shot placement. I think our defense tried to hold it off, and we did a good job, but they definitely had some strong attack players. I would say overall, personally, I could hold off the ball. I brought it down a few times, which was good,” said senior Player Delaney Paulus.

Both sides fought hard and put in a good effort, and the teams showed solid sportsmanship at the end of the match. The turnout still left both sides optimistic.

“They ran some good pick and roll plays and sliding off of the picks, and our girls were not ready for that, so they did a good job,” said Lyn.