Scots Try It encourages students to get out of their comfort zone

Sophomore Yannie Lam attempts a plié, a commonly used ballet move.

Madison Wong

Sophomore Yannie Lam attempts a plié, a commonly used ballet move.

Madison Wong, Staff Writer

Whether it’s clubs or sports, Carlmont students are being encouraged to try things that they thought they would never do. Sophomore Briana McDonald wanted to take that ideal even farther, creating Scots Try It with fellow sophomores Kinsey Cook and Kaitlyn Gates.

The club’s main focus will be to boost students’ spirits by having them take a stab at activities or sports that they normally don’t participate in. For example, the club members might have a group of football players try dancing or have band members try cheerleading; they would occasionally be filmed in the process.

The club founders want to represent and give recognition to clubs, activities, or sports that usually don’t get many people talking.

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Sophomore Kelly Moroney said, “I think it can be a good experience for people to see what others do in their lives, and to get a sense of reality for things that seem easy, but are more difficult than they seem.”

After hearing about the ideas surrounding Scots Try It, many students are eager to find out what the club is like for themselves.

Alexa Nii, a junior, said, “This club lets people venture out of their comfort zone and experience and discover new things that they never knew they would be interested in.”

When people try new things, it might take a while to get the hang of it and find out if they want to pursue it.

“Trying new things makes life more fun. It gives your life like depth and makes it more exiting to live,” said sophomore Elena Pazdera, an aspiring dancer.

If you don’t try new things, you are never going to find what you love in life.

— Elena Pazdera

Pazdera participates in Carlmont Dance. Ever since she started dancing, her passion has continued to grow.

Pazdera said, “When I first tried dance I didn’t think it would be fun, but over the years my love for dance grew.”

The meetings will usually consist of members pitching ideas of what they want to see done, or students volunteering to participate in an activity that is being filmed so that they can try something new.

The club will be included in next year’s club lineup. For more information, contact Briana McDonald, Kinsey Cook, or Kaitlyn Gates.