Scots victorious in the last game of the season


Halftime huddle.

Angelina Castillo, ScotCenter News

The Scots beat the Aragon Dons 1-0 in their last game of the season.

The winning goal scored by sophomore Kian Karamdashti in the second half set the tone for the game. Karamdashti was excited by this goal and ran toward his team taking off his shirt. As a result he got a yellow card

Karamdashti said, “Even though we didn’t win the Championship I thought overall we had a pretty good year. We never lost a game at home this season and we finished in third. I had a message when taking off my shirt and it was just a inside joke with the team. This game was just a great way to end the season.”

The players reflected back on the success of their season and said they have had more wins than losses with a league record of seven wins, three loses, and five ties and that they have worked hard to get to the position they are in.

Sophomore John Bran said, “We did pretty good this season we worked hard, we played hard and we practiced hard. In comparison to last season I had a little more playing time but this season we worked hard.”

The coach of the soccer team, Will Stambaugh, who has been a coach for eight years, reflected back on the season and compared the group of boys to those of previous years.

Stambaugh said, “I love this freshman and sophomore class. They are a class act, they are young men, they play for each other they love each other, and they are just good kids. I really don’t have any players that drag the players down and as a coach those are the challenges and we have to work with the over driven personalities. Technically they are proficient, tactically they are proficient and it was just fun and it made it fun for me.”

Stambaugh said, “I think we finished consistent and tonight was good. We didn’t show until the second half the really good soccer. As much as wins are important and we like those, my job is to make them so they are better players for the varsity teams.”

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