Screamin’ Scots roar into new school year


Kat Savin

Screamin’ Scots leaders (from left to right) senior Shelby Rebholtz, senior Cody Campbell, junior Spencer Stewart, junior Jacob Segal, senior Aaron Karpie, and senior Alenna Winfield.

Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

Dressed up in white and blue, exploding with school spirit, Screamin’ Scots is cheering into their 16th year of school spirit.

Screamin’ Scots consists of about 145 students who attend football, basketball, and now lacrosse games, cheering on Carlmont’s teams with organized cheers and screaming. Screamin’ Scots is also the biggest cheering section in the area.

“Along with [seniors] Aaron Karpie, Cody Campbell, and [junior] Jacob Segal, I am I guess you could call a ‘Screamin’ Scots cheerleader,’” said junior Spencer Stewart. “Screamin’ Scots gets the entire school together and you are with your friends and it is a good opportunity to hangout with everybody.”

Screamin’ Scots has already had one meeting to begin the year which included signups and learning new cheers. The club plans to have one meeting per season and meets every other Friday at home football games to cheer on their team.

By using Remind 101, an app which sends reminders through texts to everyone who has signed up, the club reminds all members of upcoming home games as well as upcoming spirit days.

“The goal every year is to increase school spirit, dress up for spirit days, and help our team win by pumping up the team,” said senior Alenna Winfield, ASB Spirit Supervisor.

This year, the club has grown a lot including an increase of school spirit, but the club does not want to stop there.

“This year, we want to fill up at least half of the bleachers as we get better and better in increasing school spirit,” said Stewart.

Screamin’ Scots invites all students to join and raise school spirit. It is an open club, even if you are not signed up, everyone is welcome to join Screamin’ Scots in the stands during the games.

“If you’re a freshman it is a good place to go to meet people,” said senior Shelby Rebholtz, Co-ASB Spirit Supervisor. “It’s cool to have a huge crowd. Come out to the games, our cheers are pretty dope.”

Help raise Carlmont’s spirit, cheer teams to victory, and make new friends by joining Screamin’ Scots.