Sequoia comes out victorious over the Carlmont JV football team


Brian Olivares

The JV team gathers around Head Coach Bruce Douglas after the game.

Brian Olivares, Staff Writer

After a difficult game against Sequoia, the Carlmont JV football team was defeated 35-0.

The Sequoia team had a hard defense for the Carlmont team to push through, resulting in an early turnover at the beginning of the game. After this, the Sequoia team made some big advances down the field, but they were stopped by the Scots’ defense.

There was good defense on both sides that prevented Sequoia from getting anything more than a seven-point lead on Carlmont by the end of the first quarter.

Throughout the game, Sequoia had an aggressive offense, and they were able to make some big yardage running the ball. Sequoia proved to be a challenge for the Carlmont and made some big plays in the second quarter.

“Our team couldn’t stand up to the sheer height difference Sequoia held,” said freshman Josh Groves.

The Carlmont team pushed back Sequoia multiple times, restraining how many times they were able to score. However, working with these benefits was a different story

“They [the Carlmont team] lacked in offense and defense mentally and physically,” said freshman Christopher Fromm.

There were also multiple injuries throughout the game, caused by the nature of the sport and how it is played.

Many of these injuries were responded to by Ann Sbardellati, who has dealt with injuries for longer than a year now.

“I think depending on the team and the nature of the sport, if you have to hit someone to stop the ball, you’ll do it,” said Sbardellati.

Even after these injuries and being down by many points, the Scots fought hard against the Cherokees and played a very good game. The Scots were down by 14 at the end of the second quarter and fought hard for the rest of the game.

Once the third quarter had ended, the Scots were trailing 28-0.

In the end, there was only so much that the Scots could do to stop Sequoia’s offense, and they were defeated 35-0.