Sign up to save a life


Adriana Kurtovich

Quarter sheet flyers hang on lockers to remind students that sign ups for the blood drive are from Feb. 13 to Feb.24.

Adriana Kurtovich, Staff Writer

For many, saving a life is only one pint away.

The Carlmont blood drive will be held on March 9 in the student union. Students can sign up in the quad from Feb. 13 to Feb. 24.

The ASB Do Something commission is in the charge of the blood drive and commission members will check donors in and make sure they are feeling okay after their donation.

“Every time I’ve been there it’s packed and organized extremely well by ASB. It runs like clockwork,” said English teacher Denise Steward.

The Red Cross brings all equipment and supplies to make sure everyone is comfortable. After, the donated blood is taken to hospitals where it is used to treat different patients.

Sophomore and donor Omar Zaro said, “They are gentle and nice. I like how they offered snacks and drinks.”

Being part of the blood drive provides students the opportunity to contribute to their community and be part of a bigger cause.

“Carlmont has an emphasis on being kind and giving back to promote self-worth; the blood drive is one way to do that,” said Steward.

Any Carlmont student, teacher, or administrator is urged to sign up because there is a constant need for blood.

“Make sure to sign up because one pint could save up to three lives,” said sophomore Clara Vltavsky, a Do Something commissioner.