Sophomores bond over events in class meeting


Taisiia Yakovenko

Sophomore class officers talk about the upcoming school spirit events in their presentation.

Taisiia Yakovenko, Staff Writer

Loud laughter and strong school spirit initiated the sophomore class meeting of 2019. 

In an attempt to bring the class closer together, the sophomore class officers organized a meeting to discuss future events and create an opportunity for everyone to participate in the Carlmont community. 

“This meeting is mainly targeted towards sophomores,” said Jono Sison, the sophomore class president. “We are going to be talking about the events for the first semester of the school year.”

During the meeting, the class officers discussed all the upcoming events and ways for students to get involved at school.

“The largest event of this semester is probably Homecoming,” Sison said. “We have the Homecoming Football game, Powder Puff game, and Screaming Scots.”

In most cases, sophomores find such meetings very informative and want to keep attending them. 

“I decided to go to this meeting because it seemed like it would have a lot of useful information,” said Tripp Garrish, a sophomore. “I think that I need to know what is happening on campus and this meeting is probably the most involved way to find out about all the different events.”

Although the meeting focused on outlining the upcoming events, it also served as a tool to bring the class of 2022 closer together and create a better sense of community. 

“I think that it is important to have such meetings because otherwise there is no consciousness of the class,” said Lexi Romanowsky, an ASB member. “These meetings allow students to feel like they belong within their class as well as the greater school community.”

The class officers also wanted to utilize this meeting as a tool to bring the class closer together and promote school spirit. 

“We talk about all the options to get involved because we want students to feel like they belong at this school,” Sison said. “As the class president, I am trying to make school as fun as possible for everyone. I think that being involved and having a lot of school spirit just adds on to that.”

In addition to emphasizing the importance of being involved, the class meeting also served as a reminder that everyone belongs at Carlmont. 

“I think that it is important to get involved in different school spirit activities because they allow students to break a little away from the academic routine and have a little fun with their friends,” Romanowsky said. “If students feel like they belong to their grade and the overall school community, they tend to be a little more involved in social events at schools instead of just focusing on academics.”