Sophomore class meeting builds excitement for second semester


Maya O'Sullivan

Sophomore class president Joe Sison and vice president Rachel Amir Chatman explain the Mini Madness Tournament happening in March.

Maya O'Sullivan, Staff Writer

Tenth-grade students gathered in the ASB room on Jan. 19 while class officers Joe Sison and Rachel Amir Chatman explained the activities planned for the second semester. While each grade typically only has one meeting at the beginning of the year to discuss all events, the sophomore class officers decided to have two meetings in order to cover everything planned for the whole year.

This semi-annual meeting first reviewed the activities from the past semester, such as Powderpuff, Homecoming, and earning first place in Color Wars, the Homecoming Week Competition.

The class officers also addressed the goals for the second semester, which included being the most spirited, bonding as a class, balancing school and life, living in the moment, and having fun.

“It was a goal for us to make sure that the class understood that their voice matters to us, [and] that the choices [Rachel and I] make and execute were dependent on what they want,” said Sison.

Additionally, they listed the multiple events happening in each month for the remainder of the semester. In January, the main event discussed was the Super Smash Bros Tournament, where students can battle their classmates in the video game “Super Smash Bros.” Other events emphasized throughout the meeting included a movie night in May, the food fundraiser in April, Mini Madness in March, and the indoor soccer tournament in January.

After the meeting ended, sophomores were thanked for going to the meeting and were given pizza and chips.

“The meeting is also an awesome opportunity to bond over food!” said Sison.

Not only was the meeting meant to inform the sophomore class about upcoming events, it was also aimed to raise both school and class spirit.

Sophomore Tia Papapietro said, “I love going to the class meetings because it gets everyone excited about the second semester and the fun activities planned.”