‘Stranger Things’ brings an ’80s blast

Trailer Courtesy of Netflix.com


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The “Stranger Things” logo is nostalgic of the 80s vibe that is present throughout the show.

Holly Chen, Staff Writer

The ’80s was the time for sci-fi lovers everywhere.

It was when “E.T.” was released and “Star Wars” was at peak popularity. Fans were lining up in front of theaters everywhere.

Many ’80s lovers state that they wish to go back to the good old days. Well, now they can in the new TV show “Stranger Things.”

In this nostalgic blast from the past, Winona Ryder was a faint reminder of those days long forgotten.

The show really dragged the audience in with its first scene of a scared scientist running for his life.

Unlike many other horror movies or TV shows, the characters, like this scientist, didn’t seem to have a lower than average intelligence.

For example, in “Stranger Things,” Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp, was being chased by an alien, so he called the police and got a gun. This was rare compared to characters of other TV shows, who just stand there waiting to be killed.

“Stranger Things” is a unique kind of fun, like a roller coaster ride that could derail at any minute. The creators were willing to kill off kind characters right from the start, showing the dark undertones of the series.

Overall, “Stranger Things” is truly an ’80s love child of the greats as it embodies the sci-fi era with intelligent characters.

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