The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Matthew Law

Matthew Law, Staff Writer

Matthew Law (Class of 2026) enjoys tennis, piano, listening to music, and spending time with friends. He covers local news, including San Carlos/Belmont and the Bay Area. As a journalist, he aims to inform the local community to raise awareness about significant events and developments around them.

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A group of AAPI dancers perform their dance to a Hawaiian song relating to their ethnic origin. During the festival, numerous performances embraced diverse cultural backgrounds. “I learned a lot more about how the dancing tells a story and hear the details of how the hula tells a story,” said volunteer Shannon Cheng. “Also, its a way to pass down stories through generations.”

AAPI Heritage Festival enlivens St. Mark’s Square

Matthew Law, Staff Writer May 27, 2024

St. Mark's Square hosted its first-ever Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Festival featuring hula dancers, local artists, and AAPI advocates.  During the festival, attendees were welcome...

A group of students scroll through their TikTok feed during lunch. Besides the passing period, lunch break is the only time for students to socialize. “If you’re at school you might as well just make the most of the opportunity to get to know some other people,” said Kevin Yang.

Potential TikTok ban strikes digital life concerns

Matthew Law, Staff Writer May 6, 2024

Nearly 150 million American TikTok users, along with creators, may face the consequences of its potential ban within the next year.  The initial plan passed by U.S. Congress gave the ownership company,...

REVERB, Chicago/Lollapalooza, August 2023                                                      The REVERB team stands behind the Lollapalooza sign outside the concert venue in Chicago. In 2023, the team partnered with Billie Eilish and many other musicians. “We partnered with a company called Overdrive Energy Solutions to power Billie’s set with solar power rather than diesel generators,” Roth said. “This was a success because a major artist and a major festival showed trust in REVERB to make this project possible and show other artists and festivals what is possible!”

REVERB inspires sustainability initiatives at music concerts

Matthew Law, Staff Writer April 15, 2024

Nonprofit organization REVERB enables climate action initiatives at music concerts and festivals that draw tens of thousands of people each year.  Across the US, music festivals such as Coachella attract...

Birdwatcher Aaroha Save looks for birds while hiking during the day. On each occasion, he always brings his binoculars and camera with him. “I normally take photos in the spring since thats when most birds are active,” Save said.

Burrowing owls face endangerment crisis

Matthew Law, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

Burrowing owls are on the verge of extinction in California due to habitat loss and lack of state protection.  The status of burrowing owls is classified as "localized extinction" in the Bay Area....

The event staff takes down the speakers for the Lunar New Year stage as they wrap up the day filled with many performances. The backstage helpers ensure that the celebration is a memorable experience. “Volunteering at cultural events gives a better perspective of how culture is shared with others,” Cheng said.

Lunar New Year celebrations unite San Mateo community

Matthew Law, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

The San Mateo County History Museum (SMCHM) hosted its annual Lunar New Year celebration to bring the diverse San Mateo community together. The SMCHM offered various activities inside the museum while...

From left to right, Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Tod Dickow, and John Worley bow after performing an arrangement of “Sister Sadie” by Horace Silver. “Horace Silver was one of my influences when I was growing up,” Worley said.

African American music breaks free from underrepresentation

Matthew Law, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

The African American Composer Initiative (AACI) performed its 13th annual concert as a fundraiser for the Eastside College Preparatory School just days before the beginning of Black History Month.  The...

The Alexandria Center for Life Sciences campus on 825-835 Industrial Road provides labs, offices, and many other facilities. According to Alexandria Real Estate Equities, this 556,000 square foot campus has over 3.5 acres of outdoor spaces and 1,500 designated parking spots.

San Carlos envisions biotech innovation hub

Matthew Law, Staff Writer January 26, 2024

Picture a lively symphony as the subtle hum of traffic harmonizes with the vibrant greenery, breathing life around the urban climate and cityscape.  This will be a reality along the east side of San...

An Aquarium of the Bay visitor touches a young bat ray in the hands-on Richardson Bay Touch Pool. The pond includes more fish and species of rays as well. “The purpose is to create a sense of empathy between a person and an animal,” Rivas said. “This is done through touch and through the animal’s life stories.”

Diving into marine wildlife education

Matthew Law, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

Whilst society often focuses on climate change's global and large-scale impacts, we overlook issues that are immediately relevant to us, like the local harm to native Bay Area wildlife. As such, Aquarium...

The seafood section at the Marina Food Market sells a variety of fresh fish each day. “We sell tilapia, black bass, carp, and catfish, and we have them labeled in regions also saying which farm we got it from,” Zhou said. Recently, the fish selection has been limited to buyers compared to past months.

Deadly tire toxin threatens California fish

Matthew Law, Staff Writer November 15, 2023

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched an investigation into 6PPD-quinone, a chemical found in tires, following a decline in fish populations believed to be linked to the...

A visitor watches a paper parachute shoot out of the wind tunnel at the Childrens Creativity Centers Launch It! exhibit. The exhibit also provides markers for visitors to decorate their parachutes.

[Photo] Children’s Creativity Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary

Matthew Law, Staff Writer October 24, 2023

A visitor watches a paper parachute shoot out of the wind tunnel at the Children's Creativity Center's "Launch It!" exhibit. The exhibit also provides markers for visitors to decorate their parachutes....

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Matthew Law