Junior student accepted into summer internship at Georgetown University

Junior student accepted into summer internship at Georgetown University

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

[media-credit name=”Denise Chan” align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]As school comes to an end, many Carlmont students are looking for summer programs at colleges and internship opportunities.

This summer, junior Ryan Yen applied for a political internship at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

“My program that I got in is the International Relationships program. This consists of seminars and learning about foreign affairs, etc. It is more beneficial for me, as I am able to meet many political figureheads in America,” stated Yen.

Yen found information about this internship through his school counselor and friends. Although applying for an internship or a job seem difficult to some students, Yen believes internships are worth the experience.

“The program I applied to allows you to expand your knowledge and experience the different professions that life offers. It is very easy to be limited to experiences that are offered to you around your community; what distinguishes people are their ability to open their minds and explore their options,” commented Yen.

Similar to college applications, internships require students to submit a resume and complete an application with one to two essays.

“To apply for internships, it is in a sense like a mini college application. They ask for the standard “resume-like” questions, like grades and SAT scores. They also ask you for an essay or two, trying to get to know your personality and goals,” said Yen.

At school, Yen’s interests include economics and medical science. He believes that this summer program will allow him to explore different fields and help determine what he wants to major in at college.

“I chose to go there because I wished to broaden and expand my interests, because I have never been exposed to politics before. previously, and currently, I am striving for a more medical major. After I take this internship, I wish to at least give myself a chance to experience more majors or fields,” added Yen.

After completing his internship, Yen hopes that he will gain more knowledge about our government and its role in society.

“I think internships are an excellent way for students to explore their fields of interests, and potentially see what college they want to go to,” commented Yen.

Besides excelling in academics, Yen is also actively involved in extracurricular activities at school. Yen is currently a member of Carlmont’s Symphony Orchestra and Varsity Tennis team. He is also currently an intern at UCSF and part of the San Mateo County Youth Commission. Yen hopes to attend Cornell University in the arts and science departments.

Students can talk to College and Guidance Counselor Connie Dominguez in the College and Career Center if you are interested in learning about college summer programs or internships.