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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Love Our Earth Festival promotes sustainable living

Masha Rozenfeld
A member of the Rotary Club of East Palo Alto helps an attendee of the festival plant a basil seed into a biodegradable cup.

With Earth Day approaching, East Palo Alto celebrated by hosting the annual Love Our Earth Festival this past Saturday. The event featured a variety of vendors advocating for sustainable living, emphasizing the transition to an electric lifestyle through offerings such as solar panels, electric cars, and more. 

There was a stage where multiple performances occurred, including a youth dance group and a juggling performance. Coffee and food trucks with an eco-friendly focus provided plant-based options, complemented by live music to create a festive atmosphere. 

Some other activities the attendees could participate in were free screen ink printing with the purchase of a five-dollar shirts or flower printing onto a cloth. 

One of the vendors, Emerald Eco, presented their service to electrify households fully. They help people transition from fossil fuels using heat pump technology for water heaters, car chargers, and batteries. 

“We guide people through the process, including navigating rebate possibilities. This involves obtaining permits from the city, which many homeowners may not know how to handle. Some companies may expect individuals to manage these tasks independently, but we take a hands-on approach. We have been doing this from the beginning and stay updated on rebate changes and state regulations.” said Peter Petricka, an Emerald Eco representative at their stand. “It is important for us to know where things stand and how they benefit our customers.”

In addition, there were many local small businesses, including The Source Zero, which offers refills for household items, eco-friendly personal care products, reusable cutlery, and organic produce bags. Their products are compostable, biodegradable, and entirely plastic-free.

Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle presents challenges, primarily concerning cost and breaking old habits. People often struggle with remembering to bring reusable items like bags and water bottles and refuse single-use plastic products. 

“Our approach involves providing affordable alternatives and offering support to help individuals overcome these obstacles and adopt sustainable practices,” said Ashley Merz, the owner of The Source Zero.

Another exhibit showcased the benefits of plant-based diets through a visual demonstration. Two toy burgers were on display, each symbolizing a different dietary choice. One represented a plant-based burger, while the other represented a traditional meat burger. The contrast was in the weight, as the plant-based burger was light and easy to hold, while the meat burger was noticeably heavier, weighing nine pounds, which illustrates the nine pounds of carbon emissions released to produce just one quarter-pounder hamburger. 

“Events like this one are crucial for reconnecting after spending a few years apart by having quality time together, catching up, and deepening our connections. What is valuable is seeing the array of ways we can engage and the resources available for further exploration. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with our community, understand the resources at our disposal, and choose our next steps wisely,” said Kamille Lang, the special projects manager at Climate Resilient Communities.



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