Students celebrate Halloween in the quad


Andrea Butler

PE Dance students dance Thriller in the quad on Halloween, featuring one student who wore a Michael Jackson outfit.

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Festive music, laughs, and Halloween-themed activities and performances greeted anyone who dropped by the quad during lunch on Halloween.

The first performance was an interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance performed by the PE dance students.

“I really liked dancing, and having practiced it a ton, as well as dancing with other people, made the dance more fun than stressful,” said sophomore Tasneem Khalak. “It went pretty well, and the choreography was taken directly from the music video, which is pretty cool.”

When the dance dramatically finished, students in the quad cheered for the zombie dancers and their spectacular show. Following the dances was the annual costume contest where students gathered to celebrate Halloween with a sweet treat as a reward.

“The costumes were super awesome and creative. They were really fun to see,” said emcee Kyle Dimick, a junior. “I love being an emcee because you can direct the crowd’s attention, and today was a really good opportunity to emcee because the costumes were just that good.”

The winner of the costume contest was a duo who dressed up as Marty and Dr. McFly from Back to the Future, complete with corny t-shirts and a sports almanac. Second place went to three students whose costumes were a play on words of the TV show Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.

“The TV show Stranger things inspired my costume. I was the character Joyce, who is kind of like the caring mom who will do anything to get her son back,” said third-place winner and sophomore Catherine Dahlberg. “I actually made my costume the night before Halloween after finishing the second season of Stranger Things. Because I made my costume last-minute, I was surprised to win. The candy was definitely a plus.”

Some students were surprised by judges’ choices given the reaction that other costumes received.

“Personally, I think the Asian tourist group should have won because their costume was unique, and they made me laugh the hardest,” said Dimick. “But I understand why they wouldn’t be chosen given that their costume was a stereotype. The Back to the Future was a good pick instead.”

All in all, the activities in the quad were a fun experience for those who participated and those who came to watch.

Dahlberg said, “Halloween is a really fun holiday that allows people to show off their own creative costumes along with their own personal style.”