English teacher inspired by his family


Adriana Ramirez

After 4th period, Colvig is finishing up his work at C14.

Adriana Ramirez, Staff Writer

Robert Colvig, an English teacher at Carlmont, is inspired by his family members’ achievements.

Colvig did not start teaching at Carlmont as soon as school started in August.

“I was hired two weeks after school started. I have an old mentor supervisor from a credential program. They called her too know if she knew anyone [who teaches English],” said Colvig.

He used to teach at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica for a few years.

“I had seniors and freshman,” Colvig said. “My wife teaches at the middle school there.”

In addition to teaching two AS English II classes and two English I classes, he teaches the high school exit exam.

Colvig got his undergrad from University of Oregon as an English major and History minor. He got his teaching credentials at San Francisco State.

“I haven’t taught in history before,” Colvig said. “I would like to teach it someday.”

As a child, Colvig was proud to say that one of his family members worked with Disney and was the voices of characters in movies.

“My great-great uncle was the original voice of Goofy and Grumpy, from Snow White. Also, he was in Wizard of Oz and other movies,” Colvig said. “It was my favorite thing as a kid.”

His great-great uncle was not the only family member who inspired, but also his mother. She inspired him to become a teacher.

“My mom was a teacher growing up,” Colvig said. “Then I was an English major in college. But mostly [inspired] by my mom.”

In addition to teaching, he helped other students while he was still on college.

Colvig said, “I tutored writing in college, [when I was] 19 to 21 years old. It was pretty fun.”

According to sophomore Alexis Freiermuth, Colvig’s class is both good and fun.

“I think that he is a really good teacher because he explains things well and he is not afraid to joke around with the kids,” said Freiermuth.

Sophomore Gabriella Gallelo said, “He is very energetic. He is a really good teacher. He involves the class in discussion.”

“I approach studying, reading, and teaching English as a philosophy and art. Try to find ways to enjoy it.  You won’t learn if you don’t have personal connection with it,” said Colvig.

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