English teacher’s transition from Terra Nova to Carlmont

English teachers transition from Terra Nova to Carlmont

English teacher Robert Colvig has experienced the advantages and disadvantages of transitioning to Carlmont after being hired a week after school started in the 2014-15 school year.

After English teacher Sarah Clarke got hired as a teacher in Hawaii, Carlmont had to find a replacement to teach English for sophomores. Colvig got recommended, had an interview, and started teaching at Carlmont a week after school had already started.

“I fell in love with the campus and the amazing resources this school has,” said Colvig.

Because Colvig started a week after school had commenced, he has and still is continuing to have difficulties with planning. “It’s been absolutely difficult to not start at the beginning of the year. I’m still working with not having year long plans or even month long plans. So, I’m definitely behind with planning,” said Colvig.

English teacher Emily Bandelt said, “Mr. Colvig is very enthusiastic, and is off to a great start.”

After Colvig graduated from the University of Oregon, he began teaching as a teacher at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica.

Currently, at Calmont, Colvig is teaching English II and AS English II for sophomores. “I’ve never taught an advanced placement class. It’s definitely a different type of student which I really enjoy,” said Colvig.

The transition from Terra Nova to Carlmont for Colvig has been extreme because of the area and the size. Colvig said, “Carlmont feels five times the size of Terra Nova, and Terra Nova did not seem like a small school either. Carlmont is very big. I have no idea where the S-wing is. It’s great to be out of the fog though.”

Colvig has also experienced the advantages and benefits of teaching at Carlmont. “Carlmont seems to be very different from Terra Nova. The students seem to be more well-behaved. There’s a lot more completion rate in homework. The students seem generally more stressed about school here too.”

Sophomore Alyssa Fin said, “So far, Mr. Colvig has been good. It was a little crazy at first and it was hard to switch teachers, but it’s been working out. He’s very upbeat and happy, and he teaches really well.”

Outside of the classroom, Colvig enjoys doing many other productive activities other than teaching and planning. “I do lots of things outside of school. I like to cook a lot. I like to hike. I’m a big hip-hop fan,” said Colvig.

Even after being hired after the school year had started, Colvig has many goals for this school year.

“I want to remove the stigma that a lot of students have about writing,” said Colvig. “I want to replace that stigma with pride and enjoyment of writing to understand why we write and what you can get out of it.”

Although Colvig has only been at Carlmont for a couple of weeks, he is enjoying working with the students he has and is appreciating the resources that Carlmont provides. “I would like to stay at Carlmont if they’ll have me,” said Colvig.