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Foods high in fat are a common occurrence in American society. As a result, stereotypes surrounding these types of foods are also abundant.

Editorial: Fat isn’t the villain you think it is

November 7, 2019

“Fat is bad for you.” We hear it every day. Whether we’re told by society or by our parents, it’s a never-ending cycle meant to instill fear of fat and a desire to avoi...

Bring Change to Mind Club shifts attitudes on self-care and mental health

February 5, 2019

In California, 65 percent of youth with a Major Depressive Episode (MDE) did not receive treatment in 2019. The Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) Club is bringing awareness to the problem of stigmati...

Sydney Schortgen, a sophomore, casually sips her jasmine milk boba tea after school.

Added sugar is not so sweet

January 19, 2019

The school bell rings. Ella Reyes, a junior, walks down the street to Ya-Ua, a popular hangout spot near Carlmont. She stands in the 20-minute line to order the Taiwanese drink co...

Junior Andrey Shapiro plays in a chess match with his peer during one of Chess Club’s regular Friday lunch meetings in D10.

Chess Club checks all the boxes

March 17, 2018

Though the checkerboard and the racing clock may be intimidating to some, Chess Club strives to educate students on the benefits of playing chess while providing an environment ...

BC2M Club President Mackenzi Rauls and Vice President Emma Lee give a presentation about mental illness to their club members during one of their Tuesday lunch meetings in room C14.

Bring Change to Mind Club promotes mental health awareness

February 7, 2018

Breaking away from the stigma of mental illness, the Bring Change to Mind Club (BC2M) dedicates itself to normalizing and encouraging the discussion of mental health among the comm...

Cynthia Knowles speaks to empty chairs at the Health Forum.

Immigrant Health Forum lacks audience

October 24, 2017

Very few people showed up to the San Mateo County Immigrant Health Forum, an event that could have helped numerous other community members. The Immigrant Health Forum, held by the San ...

Old men ‘Trump’ women in health care decisions

October 17, 2017

Once again females don't have a say in something that only affects them. According to The Washington Post, President Trump's administration and the Department of Health and Human Services have made it more difficult for women to obtain birth control by putting religious labels on it. Trump's administration has altered the rules of the Affordable Care Act, which now allows insure...

This diagram shows the several scary effects that prolonged sleep deprivation can have on individuals.

Choosing school over health should not be glorified

June 8, 2017

"I got five hours of sleep last night." "Well, I got only three because I had a math test." "Guys, I didn't even get that much sleep combined in this past week. Y'all are...

Students gather in the quad during last year's Club Carnival. This year, on Friday April 21, the Health Fair will be replacing thiis event.

Health Fair replaces Club Carnival

April 18, 2017

Last year, ASB’s Clubs and Culture Commission orchestrated Club Carnival as a way to improve the amount of interaction between the clubs and students. This year, however, will be sli...

Contestants capture photos for their poster for the Teens Mental Health Poster Competition.

Contest raises awareness for mental health

February 25, 2017

About one out of every five teenagers suffer from a mental disorder within their life, according to National Association on Mental Illness. Yet only around half of these people r...

Students face stress everyday. Luckily, there are solutions to their struggles.

Health hacks

March 11, 2015

Sleep Scenario: After a long day of school and extracurricular activities, it’s already dark outside when you get home. Before you can start your homework, your stomach demand...

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