Bring Change to Mind Club promotes mental health awareness


Francesca D'Urzo

BC2M Club President Mackenzi Rauls and Vice President Emma Lee give a presentation about mental illness to their club members during one of their Tuesday lunch meetings in room C14.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

Breaking away from the stigma of mental illness, the Bring Change to Mind Club (BC2M) dedicates itself to normalizing and encouraging the discussion of mental health among the community, while providing a safe space for students to discuss their own experiences surrounding mental health.

BC2M Club President Mackenzi Rauls began the club in January after embracing her passion for spreading mental health awareness throughout Carlmont and the community.

“Mental health is a topic I feel strongly about, especially after noticing the lack of mental health awareness at school and in the community despite how prevalent it is in our society today,” Rauls said. “I believe that BC2M can help start the much-needed conversation and help normalize and destigmatize mental illness, especially in teens and youth.”

Within the first month of opening, BC2M Club has acquired over 20 members who actively participate in the club’s discussions and community activities.

During the BC2M meetings, the club gives their members presentations discussing many different aspects of mental health, such as the stigma surrounding mental illness in society and ways to improve one’s mental health.

BC2M Club Vice President Emma Lee said, “Our meetings are extremely beneficial in that they provide insight into mental health that goes beyond the stereotypes. Our overall goal is to help educate the Carlmont community on the importance of mental health, and our club meetings allow us to do that.”

Francesca D’Urzo
President Mackenzi Rauls and Vice President Emma Lee discuss the stigma surrounding mental health with their club members.

Additionally, the club is planning a variety of events outside of their lunch meetings, including movie nights with movies that discuss the aspects of mental health and confidence-boosting photo shoots.

The club is also planning random acts of kindness to help instill more positivity at Carlmont, such as putting up positive notes around the school and creating jars filled with encouraging messages for the classrooms.

Sophomore Azucena Duran said, “BC2M is benefiting me so much in that it is helping me become more aware of the daily struggles that people suffering with mental illness endure every day. My compassion for others has grown tremendously.”

Through their lunch meetings and community events, BC2M strives to normalize and destigmatize the discussion surrounding mental illness among the community, while providing a place for students to express their own struggles and learn more about the aspects of mental health.

“The overall mission of BC2M is to be able to break away from stereotypes and educate about the reality of mental illness, not just to students, but to the community as a whole,” Rauls said. “We want to provide a safe space for students to come together and discuss mental health, free from any fear of judgment or scrutinization.”

To get involved in BC2M Club, attend one of their lunch meetings held every other Tuesday in room C14.