Students hope to exercise leadership skills by applying for ASB


Izzy Mitchell

Carlmont students attend the ASB Commissioner meeting during lunch in the ASB room on Feb. 27.

Sharon Tulman, Staff Writer

Imagine going to a school with absolutely no activities to raise school spirit; no dances, no lunchtime activities, and no after school activities.

At Carlmont, ASB organizes a variety of activities to make school a place for students to look forward to.

This past week, a number of students from all grades applied to be in ASB through a process of attending a meeting and filling out an application.

On March 5 and March 6, these students will be interviewed by the current executive board and recently elected executive board members to prove themselves as the best candidates for their wanted positions.

Tiffany Chung, the ASB president-elect who is currently a junior, said, “The current executive board, executive board elect, Mr. Kelly, who is the activities director, and the current supervisors choose the students who get into ASB. There are around twenty available spots. Like a business, when choosing people, ASB looks for passionate hard workers who have compatible personalities.”

In the ASB class, there is the executive council, activities council, and service council.

Within those councils, there are different commissions, each in charge of different things. For example, there is the assembly commission that plans the school-wide assemblies, the dance commission that plans each dance, and the spirit commission that keeps school spirit high.

Chung herself will help choose people she believes will be the most beneficial to ASB and motivates people to join.

Chung said, “I would encourage people to join ASB because it is an amazing opportunity to serve the school and the students here. Together we can work to make Carlmont the best it can be.”

Many students decide to join ASB because of their desire to get involved and help out the school community as a whole.

“ASB will benefit me as a person by building my social skills, giving me a more positive view on life, and by showing me that getting encompassed can help people for all the right reasons,” said sophomore Kylie McPherson.

Some freshmen become inspired to apply for ASB from watching the upperclassmen make a difference in the class.

Freshman Dagny Klieman said, “I applied because I want to be part of a group that keeps the school together and unites the students. I want to get more people involved and think of fun ideas for the students to enjoy.”

Others simply want to join the class to combine their personal interests with leadership.

Sophomore Liane Brown said, “I want to join the clubs and culture commission because I am interested in culture clubs like BSU and passionate about every club feeling comfortable to collaborate with ASB on certain lunch or after school activities. I value leadership and want to make minorities around Carlmont feel that their opinions are valued.”