The best sandwiches on Laurel

Colley Loum

The Sandwich Spot’s Belmont Blast sandwich was delicious.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

If you’re craving a great sandwich, you should head down to The Sandwich Spot.

The Sandwich Spot is a small sandwich joint near the end of Laurel street.

Its small size is possibly the restaurant’s only flaw.

The ambiance of the small joint is extremely homey. There are jerseys of many Bay Area high school teams.

Once inside The Sandwich Spot, the customer will notice that all names of the sandwiches to choose from have local themes.

In addition to the local support, The Sandwich Spot has amazing customer service. The workers are friendly and the owner is almost always around.

The owner is always engaging in conversation with his customers, and the people making your sandwich always seem to be in a great mood.

There is a TV inside and three TVs in the outside eating area (located in the back of the restaurant). The TV inside is always tuned to some sort of sports game or show.

This is great for anyone who loves to watch and talk sports, because the owner is always happy to engage in sports talk with his customers.

The three TVs outside are open to The Sandwich Spot’s customers, so anyone is able to watch whatever they please while eating their meal.

Though the Sandwich Spot is not as cheap as getting a sandwich at Safeway, the prices won’t break the bank.

The price is extremely reasonable considering the quality of the sandwich, and the sandwiches are very large.

If you think that Subway is fresh, you will be blown away when you take your first bite of a Sandwich Spot sandwich.

Without a doubt, The Sandwich Spot is one of my favorite sandwich joints.

You can try a Sandwich Spot sandwich at 1312 Laurel Street, San Carlos.

4.5 / 5 stars