The Biggest Little Airshow is a hit


Audrey Luey

A child explores a plane exhibit in the museum.

Audrey Luey, Scot Scoop Editor

The Hiller Aviation Museum’s annual Biggest Little Air Show drew in crowds of people with its multiple aircraft performances and interactive helicopter, drown, and quadrotor demonstrations.

The Hiller Aviation Museum, located in San Carlos, embraces innovation and adventure by exploring different methods of science to create a bridge between the world and the flight industry. Their Biggest Little Airshow is an event that showcases an aerial display with radio-controlled model performances and company sponsored activities.

“This is a great event we’ve been sponsoring it for about four years now,” said Isaac Blaine Zimberg, a Peaxy employee. “Peaxy has been a primary sponsor and we believe in supporting STEM and similar types of education for young people.”

The Hiller Aviation is sponsored by a community of aviation centered organizations, including Peaxy, Drones by US, and Fly like a Girl.

“The air show is a really cool thing. This museum has been great at bringing aviation to people to show how it works and hopefully get them involved. With people like pilots talking about their careers, it shows children that they can have a career in aviation,” said Carolyn McCarron, vice president of Drones by US.

The event featured famous pilot Vicky Benzing performing in her Stearman biplane, as well as many professional drone racers. Guests were invited to bring their small portable chairs to enjoy the airshow outdoors and were also welcomed to eat at the food trucks present in the parking lot complex.

“This event is so fun and convenient too. The museum is really cool for younger children and it exposes them to the opportunities that aviation offers for them,” said Claire Archer, the Fly like a Girl club manager.

Kids of all ages always had something to do, as activities such as drone experiments, projects in the invention lab, and games in the jumpy house were all at their disposal.

“My favorite part about this event is that I meet new people and get to learn new things. The community is so friendly and inclusive and is open to all ages,” said  Suchi Ganeshan, a volunteer.

Although the event was only three hours, several educational opportunities brought by commercial organizations provided for a beneficial kid-friendly environment.

“The museum is a great way to look at the past and see where things come from and where they are headed in the future. It’s a wonderful resource,” Carolyn McCarron said.