The great Carlmont Baking Club cooks up a storm


Pineapple upside down cake made by Allison Raisner, a freshmen who frequently bakes for the club.

Nyah Dompier-Norrbom, Staff Writer

Baking Club is a place to share new ideas, try different recipes, and hang out while watching cooking or baking shows.

William Nadan and Jade Margolis, both seniors, have been running the club for three years now. They see large groups of students coming in and meeting others with the same interest: baking.

Both leaders wanted a space for students to meet new people and have a space to go to when they felt like relaxing. School is hectic for everyone at times, which is why the baking club is a good place to settle.

Approximately 30 to 40 people attend the club regularly, with 70 members signed up.

“We like the environment and trying new things,” said Maya O’Sullivan, a junior.

All of the students are encouraged to bake something once every three months. Luckily, Nadan and Margolis took preparation time into account by making the club on a Monday.

A theme is created for what is going to be baked, some examples include pie, chocolate, or anything with berries.

Suggestions for themes are taken and then voted on by the club. The latest theme was family and homely recipes.

“Family recipes. Recipes with a meaning to you,” Nadan said.

It is important for students to have a sense of belonging in the club which is why theme suggestions are taken. Every student coming should be able to have a say in what type of foods will be baked next.

In the near future, Margolis is hoping that the theme will be spices. She would like to see recipes with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, or star anise.

Their last meeting of the year is always a holiday cookie exchange. Students bring in different cookies and each gets a goody bag to fill with the cookies of their choice.

Margolis understood that baking cookies around the holidays was a family tradition for many. She hoped to bring that same feeling into the classroom where everyone could share their baking skills.

“Holiday cookie exchanges are a traditional holiday party event. We thought having one at school would be a fun way for everyone to share,” Margolis said.

Currently, Nadan and Margolis have a website for the club as well as an Instagram with many pictures of past baking and fundraisers.

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