“The Lego Movie: The Second Part” is a humorous and charming film


Warner Bros. Animation

“The Lego Movie: The Second Part” is an amusing and notable film, featuring a wide range of animation, humor, and character portrayal.

Molly Donaldson, Staff Writer

“The Lego Movie: The Second Part” is not necessarily the movie we need, but it is the one we deserve.

An impressive sequel to an already impressive prequel, it transports the audience back to the world of Emmet Brickowski, an unassuming and cheerful Lego man who just returned from his personal “Hero’s Journey” through the realms of the Lego universe. “The Lego Movie: The Second Part” hilariously and craftily follows him and his friends as they journey once again through the Lego world and attempt to unite with members of alternate universes.

Following the grandeur of the first Lego movie, I went into the theater with low expectations and low enthusiasm, not expecting the sequel to live up to its predecessor. Unprepared for the glorious cinematic masterpiece that was about to unfold before me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that as the movie progressed, it only got more and more entertaining with each new joke, character, and plot twist that appeared on the screen.   

The voice cast of the film is impressive, with stars such as Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, and Will Arnett reprising their roles from the original Lego movie. The personality and detail behind the characters’ voices allowed for an immersive experience that allowed the audience to laugh, despair, and grow along with the minifigures of the film.

“The Lego Movie: The Second Part” also has an unexpectedly good soundtrack, featuring songs from T-Pain, the Lonely Island, and even two tracks sung by Tiffany Haddish, whose vocal portrayal of a shape-fluid queen made the overall film that much more entertaining.  

Additionally, the animation of this film was extraordinary, as the animators managed to articulate the simple motions of a standard Lego Minifigure. Despite the stiff and limited range of motion that a Lego Minifigure allows, the filmmakers were still able to create deft characters capable of a wide range of actions while only using the given joints of a Minifigure.

Lego has the ability to represent virtually anything as a Minifigure, and this movie did not disappoint in those regards. Animators made sure to include a wide variety of characters, such as Gandalf, the DC Justice League, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, and even featured the new style of Lego Minifigures that can be found in the Lego Friends and Disney playsets.

And, while it may seem that the intended audience for this film is children, the creators were able to make a movie that was just as entertaining for adults. Through the surprisingly advanced humor of the film, adults who took their kids to see the movie were able to enjoy it just as much.

The jokes, such as the references to Bruce Willis and the many actors who’ve personified Batman, usually went over the kids’ heads, but they made for a humorous and satisfying experience for all to enjoy. “The Lego Movie: The Second Part” is well suited for viewers of all ages, as the kids can enjoy the relatively silly atmosphere and concept, while the adults can appreciate the well-crafted and targeted humor of the film.

The combination of expressive characters along with the innovative animation and priceless humor made for a story that was more than just another children’s movie adventure.