The Scots tie Wildcats in away match


Nour Zabaneh

Leo McBride, a senior, dribbles down the field.

Nour Zabaneh , Staff Writer

Carlmont pushed through one more game overcoming many injuries and fatigue from their long season.

On Feb. 15, the boys varsity soccer tied 0-0 away against Woodside High School.

“The boys played well with all things considered. We are very knackered because there has been a lot of football in last ten days. It is just not at the pace and tempo that I would like but they’ve played ten games in ten days, and it’s just a lot,” said Head Coach Will Stambaugh.


Third, in the league, the Wildcats proved to be a good matchup for the Scots and both teams were unable to score. After two long weeks of work and consistent games, the Scots were unable to maintain their normal high speed and intensity leaving them scoreless.

“Woodside has a strong defense, and we got a little disconnected. When you get tired your clarity of thought isn’t one hundred percent, but we had many opportunities and ran plays. We did everything except score but ending 0-0  is ok with me,” said Stambaugh.

Earlier this season the Scots beat Woodside 3-0, but their exhaustion made them unable to get a goal. Furthermore, with the recent injury of one of their lead scores, senior Dro Avetian, their forwards were lacking the usual presence on the right side of the field.

“We just kept playing towards the left side and kept kicking the ball over and not connecting as well as we should have,” said senior Brett Fitzpatrick.

Both teams put up a consistent fight, and this aggressive behavior created an intense play.

“I was on a breakaway, and the defender on me was pretty big and fast so when he tackled me and I  flipped over. The other team was pretty aggressive, but that makes the game more of a challenge and more fun” said sophomore Timothy Krassiev.  

The Scots play rivals Sequoia on Feb. 17 at home for their senior night and look for a win to finish top of the table.

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