Varsity soccer beats Rams for another win


Nour Zabaneh

Brett Fitzpatrick scores a penalty kick to put the Scots further ahead.

Nour Zabaneh, Staff Writer

The Scots maintained their first place record with a 4-1 win over Westmoor High School on Jan. 25.

“I think we executed very well and even though we came out with a victory we still have room for improvement,” said senior Dro Avetian.

In the first half of the game, the Scots dominated the play and maintained possession. 

The game began with a goal from senior Leo McBride.

Both teams played with high intensity throughout the match.

After being hit in the face with the ball and tripped from behind senior Brett Fitzpatrick was awarded a penalty kick. Although blood was dripping from his mouth, Fitzpatrick scored, making it a 2-0 lead for the Scots.

“The ball hit my face, and I didn’t realize I was bleeding until I tried to stop myself from falling and felt blood on my face. My mouth was stinging a little, but I felt that I could play on,” said Fitzpatrick.

The Scots continued to utilize the sides of the field and play at a fast pace giving them their third goal from Avetian.

 The game continued in Carlmont’s favor with a goal from junior Jason del Cardayre and making the score 4-0 by halftime.

“The team has been playing very well and with a lot of heart for each other. Our success will be defined on whether we continue to play with good pace and passion,” said head coach Will Stambaugh.

In the second half, developing players were given time on the field, and the pace began to slow down. After a few technical mistakes by the defense, a goal was given up, and the score was 4-1.

“We need to improve on our discipline within the system and playing with more pace. A smart brand of football at a faster pace,” said Stambaugh.

Carlmont quickly regained their momentum and possession once again and for the rest of the game the ball remained in their offensive half of the field.

The game ended 4-1 as the Scots maintained their number one seat in the league.

“In the future we can expect better movement off the bail, we can expect better execution in the 18, and we can expect that we take the CCS championship to town,” said Avetian.