The Stay At Home Athlete: How to make exercise at home interesting


Emma Scott

Athletes must get creative and find ways to exercise at home.

Exercising at home has become the new normal during this shelter in place. 

Practices at the pool, track, or field have all been postponed. Instead, athletes have to exchange practices for a home workout. 

Maybe you have established a routine to exercise every day, or you have been taking it easy and not moving around as much as usual. Either way, you’re probably bored of what you have been doing or are looking for a reason to start.

Just going outside is always an option, and a good one too, but going for a walk or run around the neighborhood can get boring.

The following are some ways to spice up exercise at home and make it more interesting and compelling. 

  • Utilize all parts of your home.

Houses usually are not used for exercise, so we have to get creative. If your home has stairs, then run up and down those or do heel raises on them. Small furniture can be used for exercise as you can push it across the floor, or if it is sturdy, it can be used for a form of box jumps. You don’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to, as you can do ab exercises while lying down. No matter what your home looks like, you can always find ways to exercise in it creatively. 

  • Use different objects as weights.

Many athletes incorporate weights into their regular workout routine, but they do not have access to them within their own homes. Well, this problem can be easily fixed with a substitution. For example, instead of barbells, you could use two full water bottles. For something more substantial, you could use your backpack full of textbooks or put something with more weight inside. Any way you want, you can incorporate household items as weights to make your workout more challenging.

  • Create an obstacle course.

Exercising does not have to be limited to only one part of your home. Try to create something to do in different areas in your home, which could include some of the suggestions from above. Moving around your entire house can make your workout feel more fun, and will hopefully make you feel less stuck!