The Stay at Home Athlete: Make your own ’80s montage

Emma Scott runs through her neighborhood as part of her 80s montage video.

Emma Scott

Emma Scott runs through her neighborhood as part of her ’80s montage video.

We’ve all seen the ’80s movies where the underdog undergoes a total transformation and, in the process, makes a video with a classic soundtrack behind it.

Yes, they are cheesy, but they may be something you want to try out during this quarantine.

You’ve likely been watching Netflix and endlessly been scrolling through social media to try to pass the time. No shame, I have been doing the same thing.

In comes the training montage.

The video can be anything you want it to be, but since this is the stay at home athlete blog, I recommend that you try to get in a workout while making your video, and be creative!

Try to find ways to exercise in all parts of your house, which will not only make your video more interesting to watch but will also make working out in your home more exciting and differentiated.

This is also an excellent way to do something fun with your siblings or parents, as you can have them help you with the filming of the video or, if they want, be a part of it as well.

It would not be fair to tell everyone else that they should make a training montage without making one myself, so here is my short training montage. Hopefully, you feel it inspired you to get up and move around a bit or even better, make your own video.

Emma Scott