Tierra Linda-Mariposa students and families raise money at the Color Run


Katherine Tsvirkunova

A student crosses the finish line for the Color Run.

While Carlmont high schoolers were sleeping in on a Sunday morning, Tierra Linda (TL) and Mariposa middle schoolers were up and ready to run a 5K.

From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 20, students and their families gathered at the annual Tierra Linda-Mariposa Color Run to give back to their schools. Runners and walkers were sprayed with colored water along the race path.

As the primary fundraiser of the year, the Color Run supports all TL and Mariposa PTA  activities. This year’s goal was to raise $70,000 to cover the costs of PTA-funded programs. Proceeds support the TL-Mariposa library, field trips, classroom supplies, campus beautification, the Art in Action program, and more.

“It’s a good way to spend a Sunday morning, especially seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces,” Kathy Tofigh said. Tofigh, who was a volunteer along the side of the color-spattered path, has been a TL parent for the past five years. She is inspired to ensure that the schools have all of the resources they need.

Parents were encouraged to volunteer, creating new opportunities to support the schools and to meet new people.

Martin Stier, one of the spray-painters, said, “I feel that it’s a responsibility as a member of the community and as a parent of students that go to school here [to volunteer at this event]. It’s a great way to help and contribute.”

Teachers and faculty are also encouraged to attend and volunteer at the event.

“I love to see the joy on the teacher’s faces as they get to spray all the kids that run by,” said Kristen Rouspil, a parent of two TL students. 

After the run, attendees enjoyed a buffet-style breakfast, which included pastries, fruits, and bagels. Parents and kids ate breakfast together in TL’s quad.

“It’s a good community builder; it brings families and kids together. Everyone here does a lot for my kids, so it feels good to give back to the school. I think it’s the only fundraiser that parents are encouraged to participate in, which helps you meet new people,” Rouspil said. 

A highlight of the event was seeing the brightly-stained clothes of the runners, after racing through the long line of spray-painters.

Jessie Lopez, a seventh-grader, was taking part in the Color Run his second time.

“I like getting sprayed because now I have a unique shirt from the run,” Lopez said.

Lopez was joined by one of his peers Carter Dalke, also a seventh-grader.

“My favorite part is running with my friends and getting splashed by the cold water,” Dalke said.

In the end, the Color Run raised $58,345 for TL and Mariposa’s school programs. The event brought a large number of people together in the effort to improve the schools.

“The turnout was amazing, and it was a great chance to help develop our community. More people should participate in the following years,” Tofigh said.