‘Truth or Dare’ fails to scare audience



‘Truth or Dare’ is a non-frightening horror movie with a poorly executed concept revolving around a childhood game.

Sean Vanderaa, Staff Writer

For a movie that’s main focus is horror, ‘Truth or Dare’ leaves the audience unfrightened and bored.

‘Truth or Dare’ has received a 4.4/10 from IMDb and a 15 percent from Rotten Tomatoes.

The premise of the movie had a chance to be interesting. However, the way that it was done left it an overall disappointment.

The idea of the movie is fairly straightforward. A group of friends end up getting into a game of truth or dare with a stranger and find out that the only escape from the game is death. If one tells a lie, they die. If they don’t follow through with a dare, they die.

This movie has a large cast, but none of the actors are very well-known. The three most integral characters, Olivia, Lucas, and Markie, are played by Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violett Beane, respectively.

In this film, all three of them are good friends, although Markie and Lucas are dating. Olivia, however, has feelings for Lucas that eventually get let out during the game and cause a rift between the friendship of the group.

The main problem with ‘Truth or Dare’ is its inability to frighten its viewers. There were only a few instances in which the movie created fear. Other than that, the movie was bland and had few climaxes.

Horror movies’ main goal is to scare the viewer, and if a movie in that genre isn’t able to do that, it loses the majority of its substance.

In fact, the trailer of ‘Truth or Dare’ is more frightening than the actual movie. It also shows all of the limited scary moments of the film which removes the need to actually see the movie.

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The movie’s intro is also quite odd, as it features many photos and short videos of the group of friends as they travel to Mexico and party there. These clips include some of the different couples’ romance with each other and are overall inappropriate for the mood of the movie.

‘Truth or Dare’ is quite boring and definitely not a movie for those seeking something that will scare them.