Update: Mubarak steps down from power

Update: Mubarak steps down from power

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Starting Jan. 25, there have been numerous outbreaks among the people of Egypt who demand a replacement for the current president Hosni Mubarak.

Under his ruling, there has been unfair treatment to the citizens ranging from lack of freedom of speech to insufficient housing. The people feel that their concerns are not being put first and the government is doing nothing to help their current unjust situation.

Most call this a revolution; a huge uprising for change, in which they have not seen since 1952.

As revolts continued, Egyptians tried to get their message to other countries in the world through media such as Facebook and Youtube, but the government, as to shield others from knowing what is happening, shut down the Internet throughout the country. It was not accessible for five days.

After this, President Mubarak replaced his previous council with a set of new officials, but did not resign himself. As thought to be an improvement, this action actually increased the number of protestors in the streets.

As the tensions rose, the Americans that were in the country were shipped out as soon as the opportunity rose.

The United States has decided to look into the situations in Egypt and President Obama addressed the matter in a speech.

After fleeing the country, Mubarak has now stepped down from power on Feb. 11.

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