Varsity badminton starts off season smashing


Katrina Wong

Sophomore Niko Bardin warms up for her match against Sequoia High School. The Scots defeated Sequoia with a 14-1 win on March 7.

Katrina Wong, Staff Writer

Armed with a racket and a single birdie, players face off in the first meet of the season. The only thing separating the rivals is the net placed between them.

On March 7, Carlmont badminton won 14 out of the total 15 games played against Sequoia High School. This is the same result they achieved the previous year against Sequoia, despite losing a substantial number of seniors.

“Last year we had a lot of seniors and I thought it was going to be a rebuilding year because we lost a lot of talent. Actually, a lot of our JV players from last year stepped up and they got a lot better,” said coach Nathan Liang.

This victory was not a surprise for some, due to the outstanding achievements Carlmont received last year.

Sophomore Alexander Wang, who got fourth in last year’s single boys Central Coast Section, wants to keep Carlmont improving and at high standards.

“I did really well last year, but a lot of it was luck. This year, I want to do better but also help my teammates so more of us can win together,” said Wang.

This year, many new members of the team were added to fill the roster and replace the graduated players.


Pauline Sy, a senior, said, “There is more pressure in varsity considering that the games decide whether we win or lose. My goal is to have fun, try my best, and hopefully leave the court with a win.”

Players from opposing team Sequoia noticed the positive spirit Carlmont had throughout their new season.

Sequoia sophomore Jojo Sollfrank said, “Carlmont as an opponent is very talented, and from what I know the people here are really nice. They always thanked me, and although we lost, I had a lot of fun playing such courteous teams.”

For future games, the players want to continue to improve and work on new rotations they haven’t fully developed yet.

“Although we won, we still have to work on rotations and strategies. We need to react to where the birdie is hit and adjust to make the best shot,” said Sy Liang.

Liang has high expectations for Carlmont’s players as the season progresses.

“I want them to take this win as motivation to continue to get better. That is the point of a sport, and I think this was a really good opportunity to accomplish that,” said Liang.

Carlmont will have their next meet on March 14 against Aragon High School at Carlmont High School.